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Posted 7 hours ago

nat55 posted to the forum Is this an active Forum? January 2018.
It's really to bad about this site, over the years it has been very good, you can not find a site like this, I wish it would get back up and going like it was....
Posted 6 days ago

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Posted 1 week ago

nat55 posted to the forum TROLLING FOR TROUT.
Hi, I love trolling the lakes for trout, I use streamer patterns most of the time, depends on the time of the year and where I fish, I use flat lines and downriggers with ligh...
Posted 1 week ago

jdmwebtechnologies posted 1 new photo.
Posted 2 weeks ago

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eric1061 posted to the forum New to Connecticut.
Here's a link to some hot spots in CT. www.gameandfishmag.com/fishing/fishing_saltwater-fishing_ng_0705_02/ I've fished the Housatonic River in Stratford right next to the W...
Posted 1 month ago

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Posted 2 months ago

angryjohn posted to the forum Gee, what happened?.
Some of us just moved around. If you check my map i have been active where i live. This was my home site and where i always check back to see whats happening. The mass page...
Posted 3 months ago

g4wowgo posted to the forum warmane outland.
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Posted 3 months ago

heatherf27 posted 2 new photos.
Posted 4 months ago

tav commented on the trip Mattabesset River.
Can a 18' bass boat make it in that river ....how does the tide effect it...
Posted 4 months ago

stancat7 posted 1 new photo.
Posted 4 months ago

fishhawk7 posted 4 new photos.
Posted 4 months ago

chrisrunner55 posted 2 new photos.
Posted 4 months ago

chrisrunner55 posted a new trip Back in Ct for a quick river float.
I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago and haven't been able to fish when I've been back in the past. I got back in the yak in what feels like for...

Posted 4 months ago

chrisrunner55 posted a new trip Back in Ct for a quick river float.
I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago and haven't been able to fish when I've been back in the past. I got back in the yak in what feels like for...
Posted 4 months ago

taylor posted a new trip Dfx Audio Enhancer free download.
Posted 5 months ago

romanaround5246 posted to the forum need help on shark fishing.
Go to JB Tackle and they can set you up with equipment and information. They also have used tackle sales so you can buy the stuff you need cheap and find out if it is somethin...
Posted 6 months ago

sharkmananiac posted to the forum Frusterated.
Went out on the Blackhawk out of Niantic Thursday diamond jigging and got skunked. Only a few fish on board, luckily my step father caught a striper an...
Posted 6 months ago

eric1061 posted 5 new photos.
Posted 7 months ago

martinmc posted to the forum Any fisherman looking for a "boat buddy"?.
If anyone is interested in someone to help pay costs to fish as well as to go to spots I am willing to discuss. If you also have a boat you wa...
Posted 7 months ago

biz posted to the forum Cold water trout fishing?.
So what lures or bait do you prefer to use in cold water for trout? I like using a slow wobbling spoon like a Little Cleo or Daredevil with a s...
Posted 7 months ago

biz posted to the forum Winchester Lake.
Anyone tell me how the LMB and/or NP fishing is right now in Winchester Lake. Dont want to take the drive if its not doing anything. Maybe too e...
Posted 7 months ago

luckycandlestick posted a new trip Late night Kayaking.
Used some worms on a drop shot. Fished from 12-3 and caught 1 Catfish...

Posted 8 months ago

taube posted to the forum Thames River.
Would anybody have any information about fishing the thames river ?? I would like to know what kind of action is going on in February March? ...
Posted 8 months ago

kapteam24 posted to the forum Fishing partner.
Looking for someone interested in fishing a small bass club that has a boat. Team tourney format, 12 tourneys a year, we fish on Sundays. Please message me if interested....
Posted 9 months ago

kapteam24 posted to the forum Fishing partner.
Looking for someone interested in fishing a small bass club, that has a boat. Club fishes 12 times a year, team tourney format on Sundays. Please message me if interested....
Posted 9 months ago

kenwood posted to the forum MAKB/KBF Trail Event on Lake Winnipesaukee - July 8.
MA Kayak Bassin' is hosting a KBF Trail event on Lake Winnipesaukee on July 8. The registration and tournament info pages are now live (see below)! https://...
Posted 9 months ago

laserpen posted a new trip Onderneming van de laserpennen.
De X-wing-strijders, de ster van de dood, de Millennium Falcon en de onderneming gebruikt laserpennen (Posted 9 months ago

bonner posted a new trip Personal Trainer Nürnberg.
Posted 10 months ago

deepv added a new recipe Grilled Bass.
High Heat on grill.

Mix together garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt - sprinkle evenly over fish.

Melt butter, garlic, and parsle...
Posted 1 year ago

aets1510 posted a new trip Choosing The Right Proficient Packers Movers Firm in Pune.
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Posted 1 year ago

mjd12349 posted a new trip What Just one Must Know Before Getting Into Field hockey.

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Posted 1 year ago

donutsandfish posted a new trip Fishin.
Fishing for bass and catfish....
Posted 1 year ago

jimbuoy added a new recipe Sea Robbin.
Cooking Directions
Prepare by filleting to remove the meat from the skin and bones.
Cut fillets into bite-size pieces, (Apx.1” chunks) or cut...
Posted 1 year ago

redneckangler commented on the location Batterson Park Pond.
Might be overfished, but you'd be surprised by what came up from last spring's electro-shocking. ...
Posted 1 year ago

jef210 commented on the location Silver Lake.
Fish here very often and catch a lot of LMB in the back half of the pond. rubber worms seem to work the best here. To many weeds for any other type of...
Posted 1 year ago

jef210 commented on the location Batterson Park Pond.
Over Fished!! only small Bass. All under 10 inches fished the whole pond many times only to catch nothing but small crap. try your luck some where el...
Posted 1 year ago

eric1061 posted a new trip Fishing for Porgy off Montauk with my son.
Caught the runner up in the pool.
Landed over 60 fish, took home 39 nice porgys
Caught mostly porgy with some sea bass & small blues mixed ...

Posted 1 year ago

thebanman407 posted a new trip Echo Lake.
Quick stop after work. 3 small and 1 medium large mouth. ...
Posted 1 year ago

3bellesoutfitters posted a new trip TBO Trifecta Kayak Tournament.
A catch and release Striped bass, bluefish, fluke trifecta July 15th-24th. Open to ALL CT waters. Grand prize is a 2016 Hobie Outback LTD edition! Raf...
Posted 1 year ago

evantheangler commented on the location Gorton Pond.
The fish seem to be finicky here. i go alot and usually get nothin more then something, however whenever i get a fish its worth the uneventful trips. ...
Posted 1 year ago

galgs13 posted a new trip First Trip to Lake of Isles.
Went to take the kayak out and toss some bobbers. ...
Posted 1 year ago

newenglandangler added a new recipe grilled bluefish.
As you know, bluefish is very oily and tastes fishy. So to lessen this, soak the meat in milk for about a good half hour. Then coat it with mayonnaise...
Posted 1 year ago

hognosehunter reviewed the location Shetucket River.
This is my favorite fishing spot in CT. I've caught as many as 70 smallies in one day ranging from 2 inches to my personal best (3 lb. 14 oz.). The rock bass here are awesome, the largemouth are a little harder to find. The pike ca not be found, I've never caught one in there. All these fish are up near the Scotland Dam. I've caught one trout out of here, mostly because I fish here during the summer. The best spot in CT I've been to.
5 stars
Posted 1 year ago

galgs13 posted a new trip First Kayak Fish.
I've been out on the kayak many times outside of CT, first time on it in CT and first fish on it.

I was throwing some Shadow Raps and Shad...
Posted 1 year ago

mab1212 added a new recipe easy grilled bluefish.
- salt and pepper to desired taste
-spread mayo over fish (both sides
-wrap the bacon around the fish and keep in place with toothpicks
- gri...
Posted 2 years ago

hognosehunter commented on the location Latimer Brook.
If you go down Beckwith Rd, there's a pond with a dam. If you put a kayak in there, you can paddle up the brook. I personally found the HEDDON Sal...
Posted 2 years ago

hognosehunter commented on the trip viscious baby fish at uncas pond.
What's all in it?...
Posted 2 years ago

dougiedriver commented on the location Stillwater Pond.
According to the info on the Stillwater site you can use a boat with electric motor and I have seen the launch ramp and it is a very good one. I will ...
Posted 2 years ago

tchisesi reviewed the trip Anderson pond.
Pay no attention to the lazy description of the lake above. While the entire lake is shallow and covered in Pads, with some effort you can catch some absolute monsters. I've pulled 4lb+ regularly out of here. Theres a weedline on the edge of the deeper (about 6ft) center thats covered with pads. weightless senko/wacky rig the pads and you can catch some monsters. this pond is an honeyhole for huge in the spring and fall. late summer bring out a frog and have endless topwater hits. once it heats up switch to a texas rig with the weight pegged or a 1/4oz jig to punch the pads.
5 stars
Posted 2 years ago

philly commented on the location Mansfield Hollow.
I've fished here 6 or 7 times and have caught a couple of nice bass and several smaller bass. I have never caught very many on any given trip and...
Posted 2 years ago

quassy reviewed the trip Fish On.
Keep trying for those trout!
5 stars
Posted 2 years ago

fishnhunt commented on the location 1860 Reservoir.
Not a bad spot for wetting the line, while on foot. Great for small craft. Brought my 3yo there. He enjoyed it (fished from shore). Lots of trash! Too...
Posted 2 years ago

crazyfisherman added a new recipe DRY FISH.
whole fish salt it hard and put it under pressure, in refrigerator for 3 days. then rinse with the running water for 2- 3 hr . let it dry literally fo...
Posted 2 years ago

baystateangler added a new recipe Grilled Rainbow Trout.
When ready to cook, rinse the cleaned fish under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Drying will prevent the fish from steaming when you cook it...
Posted 2 years ago

quassy reviewed the trip Killing time at Mohegan Park 4-27-15.
Not much info on trip but nice photos!
3 stars
Posted 2 years ago

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