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First Name: Paul
Last Name: R.
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City: Norwich
State: Connecticut
Zip: 06360
Country: USA
Website: http://www.facebook.com/#!/
Interests: fishing, tinkering, grandchildren, RedSox Baseball, NE Pats Football, CT Tigers Baseball, CCDL, NRA, NAGR
About Me: Most of my points are from adding locations and amenities in areas I have lived or fished, and has nothing to do with my abilities, only my willingness to help others by adding data to the site. 25 years at Elect Boat, Ret Navy (ETCS), haven't fished since I was a kid in the plains states, mid-west, now 52+. Entering my 4th season and looking forward to many more.
Favorite Fish
to Catch:
Small Mouths, N. Pike and White Pearch are most fun, trout for eating
Favorite Type
of Fishing:
spin rod
Water Type: Freshwater
Favorite Lures: The Matzuo lure that caught the 5 lb bass on Aug 7
Fishing Rods: Shakespeare: Cirrus 6' 6" Medium, 2 pc; Excursion 7' Medium, 2 pc; Excursion 6' Medium, telescope pack, 6 sect + handle; Excursion 5' ultra lite (oops, now 4'6"), 2 pc
BPS: Medium Heavy, 2 pc; Bionic Blade 6'6"
Fishing Reels: Shakespeare: Microspin 5.2/1,
Cirrus spin 5/1; Excursion spin 5.2/1 (4 bearing); Excursion spin 5.2/1 (1 bearing (w/pack rod))
Fishing Techniques: still developing, but looking at the rods and reels, there is a trend.....
Favorite Fishing Spot: The Rock at Williams Lake (Pond)
Favorite Video:

Allan King: Survived by his Wife

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Mansfield Hollow spring 2012

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Mansfield Hollow
5/5/2012 - 5/30/2012

After several days (May 5th, May 20th and May 30) I've decided Mansfield is to long a drive to go looking for pike. A couple of nice bass and 1 nice C-Pik, but NO PIKE. The lure has been the most productive that I've used in a while though. Large spinner blade, UV reflective orange (on one side) gold on the other, large orange beads, tipped with berkley 3" minnow. Also in silver with UV reflective green tip. On MAy 20th the C-Pik were hitting the lure so hard that it surprised me (every time) that they were not pike.

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My first trip to Salmon Cove

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Views: 5873
Salmon Cove

First trip to Salmon Cove, hoping for a pike or two or maybe a striper, but it was a nice day, and the first kayak trip of the year. Put in around 9:45 first fish around 10:40 and last fish around 1:15. Several ospreys in the area. No luck on the pike, but 2 LMB, 3 yellow perch, a good sized pumpkin seed, and a crappie.

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Anniversary at Bass River SP, NJ

Avg. Rating: 4
# Reviews: 1
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Lake Absegami, NJ
10/16/0 - 10/19/0

Week away for the 29th Anniversary with the wife. Spent Friday and Saturday in Lyndhurst. Went to Medieval Times for dinner with some friends and then, on Sunday, headed to Lake Absegami. Checked in and went to the cabin 1. Pretty cool location and the area is beautiful. Since I didn't have the canoe or kayak with me, I was limited to fishing from shore. Cabin 1 has a very weedy water front. If you go here to a cabin with shore fishing in mind get closer to cabin 6. During the normal season (Memorial day to Labor Day) there are boat rentals available. And if I had more time and knowledge I heard there were other rental places in the area, but didn't find out in time to make use of it. Caught a few small pickerel from the dam and from the area around cabin 6, but nothing else. One day we ventured out to find another place. We ended up on the road between the two dams at the lower end of Harrisville Pond/Lake. Caught nothing there either, but now that I am a little more familiar with the area and picked up some NJ F&W information I will by able to get around better. Southern NJ is an amazingly beautiful part of THE GARDEN STATE.

I will update the trip info as more comes to mind.

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first trip to Selden Cove

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Views: 5349
Selden Cove

Hoping for a pike or two, but not to be. Did come up with one small :-) catfish though. I have a new found respect for the power of a catfish! Wore me out. Medium rod, 10 lb braid. It didn't want to give up.

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Pachaug with the grandaughter
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Views: 4393
Pachaug Pond

Fishing from the rip-rap near the dam at the north end of Pachaug Pond with the Granddaughter between 2:00 and 4:00. Learned a good lesson, (I think).

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Memorial Day Monday (catching up)
No Reviews
Views: 4366
Hopeville Pond


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Saturday June 4th, Pachaug Pond/River (catching up)
No Reviews
Views: 4294
Pachaug Pond


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First Trip to Pachaug Pond for 2011
No Reviews
Views: 5468
Pachaug Pond


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09/28/13 09:00 PM

After making 1 for the camera, I thought: why not one for the Fish Finder, so I painted one and made a second one. They can be put on seperate Scotty holders so I can use the rod holder as well, or both on one and forfeit the rod holder. Swivel mount hardware cannibalized from a flex tripod.
09/28/13 08:42 PM

After making 1 for the camera, I thought: why not one for the Fish Finder, so I painted one and made a second one. They can be put on seperate Scotty holders so I can use the rod holder as well, or both on one and forfeit the rod holder. Swivel mount hardware cannibalized from a flex tripod.
09/28/13 08:38 PM

Made this bracket to fit a Scotty rod mount on the yak
09/28/13 08:32 PM

Made this bracket to fit a Scotty rod mount on the yak

09/28/13 08:32 PM
Bracket for camera
Bracket for camera
Made this bracket to fit a Scotty rod mount on the yak
09/28/13 08:31 PM
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06/07/13 12:35 PM

Looking for some new info please. Can anyone tell me some good places on Lake Champlain to fish for Largemouth/Smallmouth bass? Going up for a week starting next Friday morning for the LCI and then vaca. I will be staying on Isle La Motte for the week.


07/03/12 06:23 AM
Quote: "Happy B-Day Reynaldo!"


06/03/12 04:36 PM

Looking for some good smallmouth bass waters in Mass.

04/18/12 06:45 PM
Quote: "Welcome to Fish Finder. This site is what you make of it, so enjoy. Just curious as to how you came across the website."

I came upon this web site by searching for a local river for fly fishing and also some decent streams around Wolfeboro area. I live in Saem, NH and camp at Wolfeboro campground in the summer.

This is a great web site and hope to use it often.

04/10/12 11:52 PM

Hello every one, the plan to 2012 is go fishing with new friends and create a blog in this group about kayak fishing in CT, RI, MA, NY that will inform and educate everyone who wants to join the adventure. Tell them the good places to catch a fish so they love the sport as much as we do.
Plus we want this group to grow and to go next level, maybe we can find some sponsors for a tournament in the future, so we need your help on it, like us on the top of the page so can get known by other and tell to your kayak friends about this group.
There is a adventure in ours plans, get a bunch guys and go from perhaps Groton, CT to Fishers Island, NY for a day of Fishing, all from our kayaks, maybe in the beginning of this summer, so lets us know about your opinion on this and your ideas.

03/05/12 07:39 AM

Good Morning,

Almost time to put the boat in and catch some early bass. I need some help please. I will be vacationing on the Cape this summer (West Yarmouth) and heard there is some good bass fishing around there. Any suggestions you could give me would be great. Also looks like there are a lot of motor restrictions (size wise) on these lakes. Will they let me on these lakes with the motor up or prop off? Any info would be appreciated. Good Luck this spring.

Thanks Mike

02/28/12 08:29 AM
Quote: "Welcome to Fish Finder. This site is what you make of it, so enjoy. Just curious as to how you came across the website."

My fishing and golfing buddy, Tiger, came accross the site while searching the web to find Fairhaven Bay.

02/02/12 06:07 PM
Quote: "Happy B-Day Tom"

thankyou very much

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