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Cusk Details
Name: Cusk
Water Type: saltwater
Latin Name: Brosme brosme
Common Names: Cusk, Tusk
Ideal Water Temp: 30-50 degrees F
World Record: 35 lbs, 14 ounces.
Description: The cusk is a very unique species of fish and the only one in its taxonomic genus of Brosme. Cusk can be up to 3 feet (1 m) in length and weigh up to 20 pounds (9 kg). They are characterized by a single chin "barbel" and single dorsal fin. Their upper body ranges in color from a light grey with hints of brown to a dull reddish brown that transitions to a dirty white on the belly.
Cusk are relatively slow-growing and late-maturing. Fifty percent of fish mature at approximately 1.5 feet (.5 m) in length when they are about 5 to 6 years old. Females generally mature later than males. The maximum age of this species is believed to be greater than 14 years.
Cusk spawn in spring and early summer. Eggs initially rise to the surface where hatching and larval development take place. Juveniles move to the bottom at 2 inches (5 cm) in length and become sedentary and solitary.
The cusk diet consists primarily of various species of crustaceans, fishes, and echinoderms. Cusk are solitary or occur in small groups. When fishing for Cusk, heavy sinkers are usually used in order to reach their bottom dwelling habitat. They are not usually thought of as a heavy fighting fish, due partially to the gear that is employed that usually overpowers them. Baits include crustaceans, clams, or any other bait suitable for Cod fishing. They will also bite Cod Jigs.

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The Cusk were actually caught at many different stops, but for the sake of convenience, all of them are listed here. These Cusk are actually among some of the biggest I have caught, providing a good amount of table fare. It is alos my opinion that cusk fight somewhat harder than Cod or Haddock, though not nearly as hard as Pollock and not even in the same league as Wolffish.
Added by nefisherman92 from the trip entitled Annual Cod Trip

   9/2/11 - Captain's Charter 9/2/11 - Captain's Charter
about a 25" Cusk
Added by meat7gtk from the trip entitled 9/2/11 - Captain's Fishing Parties Charter - Newburyport, MA
Avg. Rating: 4
# of Ratings: 1

8/28/10 - Newburyport, MA 8/28/10 - Newburyport, MA
20" Cusk
Added by meat7gtk from the trip entitled 8/28/10 - Captain's Fishing Parties Charter - Newburyport, MA
Avg. Rating: 3
# of Ratings: 1
# of Comments: 1

   First fish First fish
This was the first fish of the day. a Cusk caught by Dad.
Added by nefisherman92
Avg. Rating: 3
# of Ratings: 1

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