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Winter Skate Details
Name: Winter Skate
Water Type: saltwater
Latin Name: Leucoraja ocellata
Common Names: big skate, eyed skate, Cape Cod Ray and winter big skate
Ideal Water Temp:
World Record:
Description: The winter skate is found in the western Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland Banks and the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada), south to North Carolina (US). It is commonly observed in waters along the New England coast. Residing in waters from the surface to 300 feet (90 m) in depth, the winter skate prefers sand and gravel bottoms in shoal water in the northern portion of its range. This skate is relatively inactive during the day, with most activity occurring during the night time hours.
The winter skate grows to approximately 41 inches (105 cm) total length and 15 pounds (7 kg) weight.

As a non-selective predator, the diet of the winter skate includes fish and crustaceans. It is mainly caught as a bycatch by trawlers but just like it's cousin, the stingray, we all can catch one at any time whenever we're bottom fishing.

It isn't well known but the wings are delicious and those in the know use them to make "bay" scallops as the wings taste just like scallops. Use a cookie cutter!
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Skate Skate
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   9-20-09 - Winthrop Beach 9-20-09 - Winthrop Beach
15in Skate
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Winter skate Winter skate
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