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Sucker Details
Name: Sucker
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Catostomus commersoni, Catostomus catostomus, Erimyzon oblongus
Common Names: quillback, chubsucker, carpsucker
Ideal Water Temp:
World Record:
Description: There are 3 species of Suckers found in New Hampshire waterbodies, the White Sucker, the Longnose Sucker and te Creek Chubsucker. The White Sucker is NH's most common species and it may be found in nearly every lake and stream. It is adaptable to nearly every habitatand is found, therefore, in small streams, rivers, lakes and ponds; over muddy or rocky bottoms; in swift, sluggish or quiet waters; in both warm and cold waters; and where there is an abundance of aquatic weeds or none at all. It spends most of it's time near bottom. Suckers are of great value as a food source for other fish and as a baitfish. Larger Suckers are used as cut-bait for ice fishing. Fish caught in the spring have firm flesh and are sweet tasting, but during the summer months, the flesh is soft and of poor flavor. Suckers are easily caught by fishing near the bottom with worms, or dead minnows. White Suckers of NH will average between 10-13 inches and weigh 0.5-3 pounds. In larger lakes, suckers 2 feet long and weighing 4-5 pounds are not uncommon.

The Longnose Sucker is more of a cold-water species, living in cold, rapid-flowing, gravel bottomed trout streams and colder lakes. In lakes it generally lives at greater depths than the White Sucker. There are 2 forms in NH. The Dwarf form is found in the Connecticut River(CT/MA/NH/VT) and Merrimack River(MA/NH) drainages and is usually about 10 inches in length except in lakes where it may grow to 15 inches. The other form, the Eastern Longnose, inhabits the Androscoggin River drainage and will reach a length of 18 inches and weigh about 2 pounds.

The Creek Chubsucker is restricted mainly to the southern half of NH, occuring in the lower Connecticut River drainage, Saco and Merrimack River drainages, and other coastal drainages. It is a bottom feeder and serves as a forage fish for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Pickerel. In lakes, it may grow to a length of 14 inches and weight of about 2 pounds, but in streams it is smaller.
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   pigoen creek pigoen creek
their are several spots u can sit and fish, i prefer on a closed golf course in the area
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