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Red Snapper Details
Name: Red Snapper
Water Type: saltwater
Latin Name: Lutjanus campechanus
Common Names:
Ideal Water Temp:
World Record:
Description: a reef fish found off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of The Americas and the Gulf of Mexico. The original name in Latin American Spanish is Huachinango or Pargo. The red snapper commonly inhabits waters from 30 to 200 ft (10 to 60 m), but can be caught as deep as 300 ft (100 m) or more on occasion. They stay relatively close to the bottom, and inhabit rocky bottom, ledges, ridges, and artificial reefs, including offshore oilrigs and shipwrecks. The red snapper's body is very similar in shape to other snappers, such as the mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, lane snapper, and dog snapper. All feature a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin and a laterally compressed body. Red snappers have short, sharp, needle-like teeth, however they lack the prominent upper canine teeth found on the mutton, dog, and mangrove snappers. Coloration of the red snapper is light red, with more intense pigment on the back. Juvenile fish can also have a dark spot on their side which fades with age. Like most other snappers, red snappers are gregarious and will form large schools around wrecks and reefs. These schools are usually made up of fish of very similar size. Red snapper are a prized food fish and are caught commercially, as well as recreationally. Commercially, they are caught on multi-hook gear with electric reels, as gill netting has been banned in the Gulf of Mexico, from which most of the commercial harvest comes. (Source: wikipedia)
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Red Snapper Red Snapper
Oil rig
Added by wirenut from the trip entitled Catain Johns deep sea fishing boat

   YCP Platform YCP Platform
Added by afwiredawg from the trip entitled Camp Shelby Youth Challenge Group

Jim and Josh Snapper Jim and Josh Snapper
Good eating!
Added by afwiredawg
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   Radar Rig Radar Rig
Added by afwiredawg

10 Pound Red Snapper 10 Pound Red Snapper
Allen Russell off Panama City Beach, FL. Filming an episode of "Split Rail Outdoors"
Added by splitrailoutdoors

   Snapper Snapper
Albino Snapper!
Added by standsinacreek
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