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Calico Bass(Black Crappie) Details
Name: Calico Bass(Black Crappie)
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Pomoxis nigromaculatus
Common Names: Calico Bass, Calico Sunfish, Black Crappie, Strawberry Bass, Papermouth
Ideal Water Temp: 70 - 75 degrees
World Record: 4lb-8oz Kerr Lake, VA Mar. 1, 1981 L. Carl Herring Jr.
Description: While called a crappie or calico bass it is in fact a member of the sunfish family. With green or dark grey on the top shading to white or yellow on the sides. The sides are marked with many spots and wavy broken lines. The tail and dorsal fins are large and fan like. The dorsal fin has 7 or 8 spines unlike the white crappy.

Best places to fish are lakes, reservoirs and slow moving rivers. They prefer clean water and most hold deep around brush except during the spawn where they bed around shallow vegetation.

You can't beat a live minnow to catch them on but dead minnows, strips of fish work well also. Worms, shrimp as well as tiny jigs and small spinners. Small crankbaits may lure out a large specimen. -Blackstone Carp

Also known as Calico Bass, the Crappie has been introduced into several NH waters. It is becoming quite abundant in the lakes and ponds in the southeastern part of the state. It's also present in the Merrimack River below Nashua. It's habits are very similar to those of the Largemouth Bass. It lives in the quiet, weedy waters of lakes, ponds and streams and feeds largely on small crustaceans, insects, worms and small fish(they love minnows). Crappie may be taken on nearly any fly pattern, small minnows, small Bass bugs or small lures and spoons. The flesh is firm and sweet, and the fish is classed as "delicious." The usual size in NH is 5-12 inches, weighing less than a pound. A 15 inch and 2 pound Crappie would be considered large in NH. The NH record Crappie is a 17.25 inch and 2 pound 12.8 ounce specimen caught in 2000 from Bellamy Reservoir in Madbury.

-Massachusetts State Record is 4 lbs 10 oz caught by James Crowley in 1980 at Jake's Pond
Plymouth, MA

- Connecticut State Record 4 lbs 0 oz caught by James M. Boos in 1974 at Pataganset Lake, East Lyme
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Having a Crappie Time Having a Crappie Time
Same place as the bass.
Added by nefisherman92 from the trip entitled Adventures on Fairhaven Bay (Our First Pike!)

   Crappies at Whitman's Crappies at Whitman's
Added by baystateangler from the trip entitled Quick Trip to Whitman's

Fish On Fish On
Added by dawndiaz from the trip entitled Fish On
Avg. Rating: 4
# of Ratings: 2
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   Calico bass and pike Calico bass and pike
Near some branches
Added by tjjala from the trip entitled Nice day at lake Rico
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Crappie Crappie
Added by chrokee from the trip entitled Fun in the Furnace

   9/7/14 - Lake Singletary 9/7/14 - Lake Singletary
New Personal Best 1lb 13oz Calico
Added by meat7gtk from the trip entitled 9/7/14 - Singletary Lake
Avg. Rating: 5
# of Ratings: 2
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