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Bluegill Details
Name: Bluegill
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Lepomis macrochirus
Common Names: bream, blue bream,copperhead, copperbelly, blue sunfish, sun perch, roach
Ideal Water Temp: 60- 69 degrees
World Record: 4 pounds, 12 ounces, caught in Ketona Lake, Alabama, in 1950
Description: There is a lot of variation between bluegills due to a variety of genetic strains as well as possible hybridization between other sunfish. It is identifiable by its deep round body, dark vertical bars and black gill flaps. The breast is vivid red or yellow in breeding fish and large fish may have a coppery sheen on their head. Smaller fish in clear water may be almost colorless.

Also called Bream, Blue Bream, Blue Sunfish, Coppernose, and sunny -Blackstone Carp

The Bluegill is 1 of 4 species of Sunfish found in NH waters. It is not native to NH but is known now to occur in most lakes, ponds and rivers in central and southern NH. In addition to insects, crustaceans and small fish, it also consumes fish eggs and aquatic vegetation. It is considered to be a very tasty fish and is a favorite to fish for among children. They may be easily taken with worms, small fish, fish eggs, as well as many other baits and will also rise readily to fly and provide good sport on light tackle. The Bluegills of NH average between 5-9 inches, but may attain 12 inches and a weight of slightly over a pound. The NH state record for the bluegill is 11.25 inches and 2 pounds 0.64 ounce, taken out of Goodwin's Pond in Actworth, NH. in 1992.
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Added by wirenut from the trip entitled LAKE DOWNS

   Bluegill and Bass? Bluegill and Bass?
My friend and I caught this bluegill but that had a bass mouth and the dorsal fin is long like a bass and is kinda shaped like a bass. Anyone have an idea of what this fish is if so please message me. Thanks!
Added by djfisherman
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Spy Pond Park Spy Pond Park
Added by bobbyratcliffe from the trip entitled Spy Pond Park

   Nice bluegill from lake quannapowitt Nice bluegill from lake quannapowitt
Caught in lake quannapowitt in wakefield
Added by mike_p2121

Fishing by the Dam Fishing by the Dam
Added by timmo from the trip entitled Papa & Grandson Fishing Adventures

   slabside bluegills and white perch slabside bluegills and white perch
Added by mudvein from the trip entitled day trip to Spofford Lake with the bass raider

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