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Bluefish Details
Name: Bluefish
Water Type: saltwater
Latin Name: Pomatomus saltatrix
Common Names: snapper, blue, jack
Ideal Water Temp: >65 degrees
World Record: 31 lbs, 12 ozs
Description: The Bluefish is the only species in the family Pomatomidae. They are globally distributed and are commonly sought after in America, Spain, South Africa, and Australia.

Bluefish may be caught up to 51 inches long and weigh 32 lbs, but fish measuring 24 inches are more common. They typically live 9 years. They are a hard fighting salt water gamefish. Latin name 'saltatrix' means the leaper, in reference to the fact that when hooked bluefish will often take to the surface to try to shake free the hook.

They are voracious predators and will often chase prey species up onto beaches or against structure. Bluefish may be caught with bait or lure, but anglers must take precautions to protect line against their sharp teeth. Bluefish are such avid predators that at times when they are attacking schools of baitfish, they will eat their fill then, if there are still baitfish around, regurgitate their meal in order to be able to eat again. Look for flocks odf gulls overhead to indicate a school of hungry blues lurking below.
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The Race The Race
The Race
Added by eric1061 from the trip entitled In-law, Outlaw Blues & Striper trip

   lines lines
Added by flyingfishez

Auther Kill Auther Kill
Added by jimbuoy from the trip entitled Auther Kill

   8/25/12 - Winthrop Harbor 8/25/12 - Winthrop Harbor
6-1/4lb Bluefish, a new personal best!
Added by meat7gtk from the trip entitled 8/25/12 - Winthrop Elks "Hook The Cure" Striper Derby

Raritan Bay Raritan Bay
Great Beds
Added by jimbuoy from the trip entitled Raritan Bay 07/11/12

   Added by carpking

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