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Apache Trout Details
Name: Apache Trout
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Oncorhynchus gilae apache
Common Names: arizona trout
Ideal Water Temp:
World Record: 5lb 15.5 oz 24inches
Description: The apache trout is only found in north eastern Az. It looks like a brown trout, but the spots do not have haylo's like the brown. It has white tips on the fins and a large golden yellow slash on gill plates. It is now being planted throughout Az. The world record was caught at Hurricane Lake, Az 10/20/95. However a new world record (over 28 inches )has been caught several times at Christmas tree lake, Az and released
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   Christmas Tree Lake Christmas Tree Lake
Lake is located on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation aprox. 12 miles south of Hawley lake. I is a special lake that needs to be booked ahead of time. Only 20 persons allowed on the lake daily.
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Apache Trout Apache Trout
23 inch apache trout caught by one of our club members at Earl Park Lake in May 2008
Added by rodbuilder

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